ICON GRAPHICA is a website that provides free stock flat icons run by Gon. I wanted to make icons and register them on a stock illustration site, but I got many rejections and that let me down. I wanted to make as many icons as I wanted freely, so I created my own material site… This is how ICON GRAPHICA started.

You can use the icons on this site for free for commercial or non-commercial use regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation. 🙆 (although there are a few rules you should follow) You don’t need permission or to credit this site to use the icons. 🙅

However, although these are free icons, the copyright belongs to Gon. (Even if you change the color or shape of the icons, it still belongs to me.)

How to Use Icons

Here’s an example how to use icons.

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box to search for an icon (you can search in English or Japanese) 🔍
  2. Save the PNG (for drawing software) or SVG (for Adobe or Microsoft software) file ⬇️
  3. Change the color or shape if you need and use it for designs or documents⭐️

Terms of Use / Prohibitions

Here’re the basic rules.
For personal use : You may use the icons however you like.
For commercial use : You can’t use the icons alone / for sale as merchandise.

For commercial use, you must add a design feature to the original image before using them. Add text or something else to create something new. You can change the color or shape of the icons.

It is prohibited to use the icons for malicious purposes under any circumstances.

You can use the icons on…
  • Business materials (e.g., paper or PowerPoint)
  • Books, magazines or fan fictions
  • Social media profile icons or images
  • Blogs, apps or videos
  • Items such as T-shirts or mugs (not for sale)

You can’t …
  • Use icons for purposes that are contrary to public order and morals
  • Create a design with only icons (for commercial use)
  • Sell merchandise using the icons
  • Redistribute icons (with or without modification)
  • Trademark logos used icons on
  • Link directly to icon images

If I see you using the icons in violation of the terms and conditions, I will charge you a fee of $500 or more and an injunction against the use of them.

(↑This sentence is mainly for those who are violating the terms and conditions without reading them, so you don’t need to worry more than necessary because you are reading them now. Thanks for looking through it carefully!)

Disclaimer of Liability

Please note that I am not responsible for any loss or damage caused by using this site. In addition, I do not take any responsibility either for any information or services provided by links found on this site. 🙇‍♀️

About Link

No permission is required to link ICON GRAPHICA. If you like it, I’d be happy if you’d share it on SNS! 🎊